in the beginning: a prologue

Tenalian Lake in Lake Clark National Park

Tenalian Lake in Lake Clark National Park

Shit’s messed up. It’s right there in the fine print.  I mean, really. messed. up.  While some optimists are wearing rosy glasses about the reversal of the current mass extinction and the largest environmental group in the world is telling the conservationists to lighten up, that ecosystems aren’t so fragile as we think, I still think we’re losing.  Literally.  We’re losing the biological richness of the earth.

The trick, it seems, in the face of slow-motion catastrophe, is to look that dark truth squarely in the face, grab a hold of it, and make out with it.  And do a really delicious unchoreographed dance with it.  To find joy, to find love, and to find hope, that’s the hard part.  To wonder at the beauty of the world, even as you are staring into sorrow and hate and apathy.  And then to do something.  This is what my friends have taught me.

In the beginning, there was light.  And then there was lots of darkness.  And so much to learn.  And so much to do.  And still so much light.

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